Clone painting fun

A new video about the clone-mode painting with PostworkShop 3. Here I show a few different results with simple changes of brush families and saturation/contrast settings.

Scroll down for an earlier painting video, demonstrating the refinement process with different brush sizes.

7 thoughts on “Clone painting fun

    • Hi Bob,

      although it is attached to the PostworkShop site as an “official blog”, actually it is my personal blog, I write all the posts.

      Bela Biro
      Xycod CEO, PostworkShop software designer

      • Hi Bela,

        There is some very nice work here in your blog. I’m very glad to see more and more specifics to help us “beginners.

        I’m looking forward to John’s webinars too.

        I really like the “walk in the park” series – any hints to getting these results?
        (that’s me – always looking for hints and instructions)

        “Geometric” is very striking also. Is the base image something from a fractal program?

        I see that you’re advertising heavily and also getting very nice reviews – best of “luck” with version 3 – I’m looking forward to generating great results from it

        Bob Mc

      • Hi Bob,

        thanks for the kind words.

        The “walk in the park” series was not created with educational intentions, I just played with the image, so I don’t have notes about the processes.

        The original of “Geometric” was rendered with Starfish, a very old procedural “background image generator”. It is free, you may still find it somewhere on the net.



  1. Bravo! Thanks for all the upgrades. And thank you most for thinking about for ” the beginner
    artist” in all of us. May I also suggest to think about mechanics for a lively forum to the idea
    of recipes from contributors. You know the more participants the better. Everybody wins and
    everybody will be happier in the pursuit of each one’s creativity.

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