This blog is dedicated to the artistic image manipulation program PostworkShop, produced by Xycod.

You will find here images, resources (like styles, brushes, textures),  tips & tricks, tutorials and news from the development lab.

Visit the official PostworkShop website, click here.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. I was going to upgrade my Painter 11 program to 12…this new beta has changed my mind. Fantastic future for digital art classes I will be teaching using this new version of your program.

  2. It’s been a LONG TIME since we’ve had any word about the “new” service release – which you showed thru the newsletter/blog that there are/were a significant number of cool effects. Lack of news on any software product is never a good signal to current users

    I’m 76 years old now and wondering whether it will ever come out – or – will I even care when it does?!

    Better look over your shoulders a bit – there is competition coming on fast – check out the Dynamic Auto Painter (DAP) forum and search for “Photo Reactor” and then see some results in the Watercolor thread

    Bela had the right idea putting out his blog and giving solid examples of the use of your product – but – that seems to have gone by the wayside and the forum has become a non-event. It would be nice to feel that someone still cares about the existing customers and even more important (to you) – have the customers given up on ever receiving the previously well publicized update. Not much activity either with the folks that were reviewing your product – support there is even quieter than you are.

    Please let me know if the lights are still on over there

    Bob McCormick

    • Hi Bob,

      sure, the lights are on, but we have a number of ongoing development tasks that make this update late (including new markets with mandatory localization/translation, new business model, new documentation, new social features). So while the bug fixes and the new styles are ready for some time now, we can’t release SR2 with the new features half baked.

      As for the blog, I will restart posting when I will have some more free time.



  3. Is anyone home ??
    I’ve been waiting a L-O-N-G time for updates on the status of PostWorkshop and any new info regarding that great product. But, it seems as though you’ve been silent since 2013. What’s the deal ?? Love Postworkshop3.

      • Thanks for the quick response and the update info — will you be sending new notices to current users once you’re closer to a completion date ??

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