Charcoal and Chalk

Another one in the series of  “I saw something hand painted/drawn today, let’s see, can we do something similar with PostworkShop filters?”


Check out the construction details in the attached video (click HD and Full Screen in the player).

Retro-grunge photo effect

If you feel the urgent need to post something with a trendy retro photo effect, but you don’t have any of those popular applications available …

Retro-grunge photo effect


You are not completely out of luck, you can create something similar in PostworkShop, but it will take hours of work and guru knowledge. OK, just kidding, it is a very simple, five minute hack in PWS :) And you can save the style for your future retro-grunge episodes.

Retro-grunge screen capture


The Texturizers use grunge and paper textures. The Color Generator and the Plasma Cloud are blended with Soft Light / 40%. The Frame responsible for the vignette effect is followed by two box blurs (almost the same as a Gaussian, but much faster) and blended with Multiply / 50 %. Finally the white border is another Frame filter, this one is blended in Screen mode.

Bande dessinée franco-belge

A humble attempt to create an image that looks like the French comics, especially like the images of the grand master and all-time favorite, Moebius (Jean Giraud).


The style setup is quite straightforward, the only thing that you may not guess from the screen capture is that the original image (Layer #2) is blended on the Simple Watercolor layer with the Color blending mode.

Motorino Screen Capture

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I saw a (traditionally painted) image today that inspired me to try something similar in PostworkShop, exclusively with auto-painting.

Wild painting

Wild Painting GUI Capture

We have a base layer, a simple default Random Painter.

The next layer is simulating large strokes or maybe running paint if you select the appropriate brush for that effect. The trick is setting Strokes Directions = 1 and Direction
Rotation = 90 (degrees). The blending mode is Lighten because with this image I found that the dark make-up provoked strong black strokes that ruined the face. You may
find another blending mode working better with your image.

On top of that, a detail layer, where we generate a thick outline with Sketch 2, fatten it with Min Value, use this as a mask on the original and then random paint the result. So
basically we paint where there are details in the image (i.e. where the Skecth 2 detected edges).

The top layer is very similar, only here we don’t even paint it, just mask the original with a Sketch, to draw the fine details into the image. You may need to apply a Median
filter before the Sketch if your original is too noisy.

Wild Painting Style Editor Capture

Ink lines

Just messing around … but I really like the quality of the black lines in this one.

I already wrote a blog post about using Max Value to change the look of the Sketch 2 lines. This time the raw sketch is based on another idea, see the Style Editor screen capture for the details.

Mosaic sad girl

Mosaic sad girl style editor